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Family Nestlé offers an excellent loyalty program, where you stand to earn bonus points on a wide range of activities, from registering an account, rating articles and referring friends.

All the bonus points that you collect can then be redeemed, against exciting Nestlé Goodies. For every 6000 loyalty points earned; you can start redeeming for Nestlé Goodie Bag. You can check the status of your account in the “My Account Page” within 24 hours.

Here is a breakdown on how you can earn points at FAMILY NESTLÉ.
Activities Points
Registering 400
Referring Someone 500
Participating in contest 400
Viewing Content(Rating) 50
Sharing Information 300
Participating and Registering online for Smart Cooking Solutions Classes 500
Poll 50
  • Registration is quick and easy. All you need to do is click the ‘register’ button and enter your basic information and you are ready to share, learn, shop and play. When you open an account at FAMILY NESTLÉ KITCHEN, you will receive 400 loyalty points in your 'My Account' within 24 hrs. This gives you a free bonus, before you even begin!
    Terms & Conditions
    1. You will not create multiple user accounts.
    2. If we find that the information provided by you is not accurate, we hold the right to terminate your account at any time.
    3. Family Nestlé Reward Program is open to residents of India only.
  • For every friend that you refer to Family Nestlé will give you 500 loyalty points. Make sure that you check the ‘refer a friend’ terms and conditions to find out the requirements your friend needs to fulfill before you are awarded with points. Come share the loot and all the best to you and your friends.
    Terms & Conditions
    1. Referrals should register on Family Nestlé Website.
    2. The person you refer must register, for you to earn points
    3. In case any referrals made by you are found to be invalid,then we reserve the right to hold dispatch of gifts as per the loyalty program.
  • Entering our online contests could double bonus. You have the opportunity to win the contest hamper and also earn 400 points for participation. So go ahead and try your luck.
  • Update your knowledge by reading articles on healthy living, housekeeping and entertainment and share your views by rating it. You could earn 50 points by rating one article. Read further terms and conditions.
    Terms & Conditions
    1. You will get points on rating articles, 4 times a month.
    2. Review any article only once and no additional points will be given on re-rating/reviewing the content.
  • We encourage you to submit your recipes/tips, for every published recipe/tips you gain 300 points. So start sharing now! You can check the status of your submission in the ‘My Account Page’ within 5 working days.
    Terms & Conditions
    1. To submit a recipe/tip, you should be a registered Family Nestlé member.
    2. You will earn points only when your post is published,status can be checked on the ‘my account page’.
    3. Entries for recipes/tips should be unique and innovative.
    4. Recipe should have NESTLÉ products as one of the main ingredients, making major contribution to health, taste and convenience.
    5. The recipes submitted by you should be different from those published in Nestlé recipe books.
    6. Recipes/tips become the property of Nestlé once published. The company is free to use the recipe/tip as and when required.
    7. Evaluation of the post will be done by a panel of judges and will be final and binding.
    8. You will not post any copyrighted material, material belonging to another person, material previously posted by you on another website nor link to any copyrighted material without providing proper attribution, as defined by The Owners, to its original source. You will not use your postings on to promote your own personal website or any other website with which you may be associated.
    9. You will not place a link on our site that initiates an automatic download or execution of a file of any sort.
    10. You will not use this service for the purposes of sharing or distributing viruses, licenses, registration information. Doing so will result in removal of your post(s) and immediate termination of your account.
  • Registering online and participating  in the Family Nestlé Kitchen Smart Cooking Classes will earn you upto 500 points. So come cook with us! (t & c apply*)
    Terms & Conditions
    1. These classes are open only to Family Nestlé members (both local and outstation) in India and guests accompanying them.
    2. Fee for the guests is the same as that for members.
    3. Limited seats are available. Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.
    4. Bookings are confirmed only on payment of the applicable fee against a Nestlé receipt.
    5. The fee is collected as a token of confirmation for attending the class.
    6. Therefore, it is non-refundable. However, in case of cancellation minimum 72 hrs before the class, the fee is adjustable for a future class where there is a vacancy.
    7. Nestlé reserves the right for last minute cancellation/ change in schedule; however, members will be informed regarding the same and fee adjusted for the next class.
    8. Family Nestlé representatives might call/ SMS/ mail you regarding the classes.
  • By responding to a poll you stand to receive a cool 50 points because at Family Nestlé your opinion always counts.
    Terms & Conditions
    1. Please wait for your poll to register to earn loyalty points.
    2. Points are credited within 24 hours of the completion of the poll time.
    3. You will recieve 50 points for every correct answer.
    Disclaimer:This website does not and cannot review all of the content of every message posted and does not accept responsibility for the contents of any messages. We reserve the right to delete any message and/or restrict posting rights on the message board for any reason whatsoever. Should you continue to post messages that violate the rules, your account may be terminated. Furthermore, Nestlé reserves the rights under the law to take any other actions deemed necessary.
  • The redemption process is as follows:
    1. The goodie bags’ value varies with the amount of points accumulated.
    A member can redeem points against Nestlé Goodie Bags when they reach the following points.
    6000, 10000, 20000
    So, for example, if you reach a figure of 6000 points and you want to redeem it there and then, you will get a Goodie Bag from Nestlé worth the value of 6000 points. In case, you want to accumulate them to reach a figure of 20000 points, you have a right to do so and in return get a Goodie Bag worth that much in value!
    3. If your points are in excess of the slabs then they will be carried forward else on redemption the value will become zero.
    4. Nestlé holds the discretion to grant points. Nestlé holds the right to modify/ cancel the Family Nestlé Loyalty Program at its own discretion at any point of time without assigning any reason whatsoever.
    5. Please give 45 - 60 days for the hamper to reach you after the date of closure i.e. 15th Febraury, 2014.
    6. Family Nestlé will not be responsible for any delay in the dispatch of redemption gift hampers due to submission of incomplete address by members.
    We hope this clarifies the Family Nestlé Rewards Program for you. Keep connecting with Family Nestlé to enjoy all these perks and keep learning more about recipes, home, health and nutrition.
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